Tutoring Does Help With School

Getting an F or a D is not a good feeling, but getting an A or a B feels much better. Those A’s and B’s can happen by getting a tutor. If students have a helpful tutor who can help them with their needs, it is a smart thing that they go. Tutoring can cost about 25 to 80 dollars an hour, but if a student is struggling, it is worth it.

Tutoring can help self confidence in students when they get their grades up, plus students can get one on one help or group tutoring to make the learning easier. With self-confidence in a subject, students can get into the right mindset to pass a test and do better overall. Parents usually have their kids go to tutoring in the second semester, after their grades start to fall. While most students go to get help that they need, not everyone needs the help, but still goes.

Some students do not need tutoring, but get pushed into it by parents who drive their kids to excel. These students usually do not benefit from tutoring, and it can leave themselves questioning their own academic abilities. The students who do not need tutoring should be tutoring other students instead of being tutored.  Parents who push their children into tutoring usually think that the school is not good enough or worry about their children getting into a good college and being successful in life. These students, who get pushed into tutoring, also might want to get a really high score on the SAT.

Certain students just go to tutoring for help on passing big tests, like the SAT.  Some of these students do need help on getting a good score on the test, but some want a near perfect score on it. These students are not satisfied with their PSAT test scores, and fear if the SAT score is not perfect, or near perfect, they will not get into an elite university. These students have an ideal life that they want to follow, or have been told that they will live. They often become impatient because they feel that their life will not follow the ideal life that they wanted. These students need to realize that not getting a very high SAT score or getting into an elite university will not ruin their lives.

Money is significantly spent on tutoring. Throughout the United States, parents spend around eight million a year on tutoring, according to CBS News.  The government spends about one billion on tutors due to No Child Left Behind.

Tutoring will not improve grades right away, but after about five to ten sessions, the student success rate goes up about 10% over one to four sessions, the more sessions the students has, the more successful the student is. Tutoring might not be able to solve the problem right away, but it can help long term problems in the subject.

Tutoring can have a big impact on the student’s grades, if the grades are suffering. Students can have more self-confidence which can help in class, and outside of. Students and parents should evaluate grades to see if any extra help is needed. Tutoring can be a great resource for students if needed.