The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

It is February, a month full of flowers, chocolates and love. Couples get their special day and singles feel extra lonely. Some gifts go to the extreme, but some couples like the simple things, such as a card or a box of chocolates.

According to the LA Times, there is a prediction Americans will spend a total of $20.8 billion on Valentine’s Day this year, which is a lot but is going to something important for relationships. This is a big increase from last year. Some of this money will be spent on candy and flowers, but the most will go to meals. Couples spend $9.9 billion on them, which is a 2.9% increase from 2012.

Simple gifts do not usually cost a lot, such as the Golden Ballotin at Godiva. It has 19 pieces of chocolates and only costs $30. Chocolates are always appreciated and a wonderful snack.  Making a playlist for someone would be adorable.  It would have meaning and be special to that person for a long time. A go-to gift that always seems to work and is nice to have in a student’s life is jewelry. It is simple and still gets the point out, but can disappoint those who want a little more than that.

Other couples like to go to the extremes when it comes to gifts. Romantic getaways to special places have increased from last year. They can ‘wow’ some people, but can complicate things. Getaways and big gifts sometimes cost a lot of money. A one-way ticket to New York City on a train would cost about $123. A day in New York City would be romantic and interesting. Some romantic getaways can be local, like at a local amusement park or a fancy restaurant that can be expensive. These outings can be enjoyable and cost a little less than a train to New York City.

Many students love to have their boyfriend or girlfriend happy and Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days for couples. Simple gifts can really show ‘I love you,’ but some couples like to go to the extreme with their couple’s gifts. It depends on the person and the relationship.