Less Homework is Good

Wake up, go to school, do homework, go to bed: this is all that most students have any time for these days, with all the homework they have. Most teens do their homework late at night. Combined with sports and afterschool activities, it is extremely difficult for any student to stay on top of their work. Homework is a great thing for teens when they are given a reasonable amount. Homework gives them time afterschool to review what they have been taught, which is a great thing to do to keep the student on track. But some high school teachers give so much homework, it is hard to complete in one night.

Some teachers also tend to forget about the other things teens do outside of school, and the other classes they take that may assign homework. Teachers should try to hand out less homework or make time for it in class so students can do other things and stay on top of their work at the same time.

Lots of teenagers participate in afterschool sports that take up quite a bit of time. By the time they get home, they have to start their homework and stay up late trying to finish it, which gives them no rest for school the next day. Homework sounds extreme in some cases here in the U.S., but in places like China, kids get an unreal amount of homework.

The Chinese have been known to be studious and focused on their work, and they also like to play sports, so it is probably hard for them to have time for everything. In some cases, Chinese students were so worked up by homework, they ended up committing suicide over it. According to today.com, “high-achieving students who are swamped with homework can suffer from poor mental and physical health.” What may seem like an easy assignment for a teacher ends up being an extremely hard assignment for the student.

Students have a quiet environment in the classroom that keeps them focused on their work. They also have a teacher who can help them at any time. But at home, students do not have a teacher and they have many distractions, such as electronics or younger siblings, which might keep them from doing their work. Homework should only be about thirty to forty minutes a night. This is a good amount of time because the student has time for their activities they do afterschool, and for their homework and study time. Some places like New Jersey are trying to start a “No Homework Movement” where kids get only about 10 minutes of homework, and no homework over the weekend, school vacations or holidays.

Homework is good to a certain extent, so kids should get some homework to make them think and learn at home, but, as with most good things, only in moderation.