“Warm Bodies” preview

Danielle Nelson, Features Editor

Zombies in love, a welcome switch from the typical brain eating gore of the zombie movie genre.
‘Warm Bodies’ depicts a world in which zombies are real. Not only are they real, but zombie R, played by Nicholas Hoult, shows their world that zombies can become human once again if they fall in love with a human. Society then assigns the zombies a warm body, or a person with whom they should fall in love with in order to make them human once again.

R falls in love with a human named Julie, played by Teresa Palmer, and thus becomes a human once again. R saves Julie instead of eating her, showing her how to act like a zombie to avoid certain death. R gains the desire to live again as soon as he sees Julie for the first time. R and Julie embark on a quest to stop the war the humans and the zombies are waning against each other.

Together, R and Julie begin to make the zombie population human again, as their starts are beginning to beat once more. The humans and zombies must unite in order to stop a particularly ravenous breed of zombies, known as Bonies, from destroying the human population.

Although skeptical of the zombies at first, due to their human consuming nature, the humans accept the zombies as they learn once again to be humans who can think, feel and communicate. The newly formed team help each other and offer techniques to destroy the Bonies and keep them from taking over their society and keep it safe. The movie is rated PG-13 and opens Feb 1 and is expected to have a successful opening to please critics and viewers alike.