Top timeless chick flicks

Mary McGrath, Staff Writer

Sixteen Candles – 1984 film “Sixteen Candles” remains one of the greatest chick-flicks of all time. High school sophomore Sam Baker (Molly Ringwald) struggles to get through her 16th birthday when all her family seems to have forgotten about it.  “Sixteen Candles” focuses not only on Sam’s life, but her crazy family around her. It wouldn’t be a chick flick if she didn’t have a crush on the most popular guy in school. Amongst all the crazy wedding planning for her sister, Sam tries to get through the stress and craziness of high school but also tries to get the boy of her dreams. The movie is clearly an entertaining comedy anyone can laugh at. It displays some of the many hilarious struggles Sam goes through in order to reach ‘womanhood.’

The Notebook – One of the most popular love stories is “The Notebook.” Based off Nicholas Spark’s bestselling novel, it follows Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) throughout their lives, together and apart. It is about a poor boy who falls for a beautiful, rich girl and their struggle to overcome several hardships including the conflict of social class. The movie is one of the few films actually able to tell a complete story within two hours as the two of them grow up and go through new experiences while still trying to remain a couple. The actors are able to bring a freshness to the characters they play and make them seem more unique. While, it is a very cliché movie and easy to predict , it is still an excellent love story.

The Last Song – “The Last Song” is a popular 2010 movie based off the novel by Nicholas Sparks. The enjoyable and sappy chick flick stars Miley Cryus as the rebellious teen Ronnie Miller and Liam Hemsworth as her love interest, Will Blakelee. Along the road to rekindling her and her father’s relationship after her parents’ rough divorce, Ronnie meets Will and falls in love with him over the summer. The two of them go through several hardships such as her fathers’ sickness and future plans. The movie is easy to predict at times, like most Nicholas Sparks romances but is still a fantastic movie, if only because the plot is easy to follow. Viewers will not only be able to make a connection with the characters, but will be likely to shed a few tears as well.

Pitch Perfect – “Pitch Perfect” is a movie everyone seems to enjoy. The hilarious twist on college a cappella groups is excellent entertainment. Beca (Anna Kendrick) is an aspiring DJ who wants to move to LA to fulfill her career, but her father wants her to give college a try first. After looking to join a club, she joins an a cappella girl group. While trying to get their group to the top, she meets Jesse (Skylar Astin), a member of the rival boys a cappella group whom she begins to fall for. The music in the film is a huge hit along with the hilarious jokes throughout the movie. This movie is recommended for anyone who is looking to have a laugh or wants to hear several catchy songs they will be singing long after the movie is over.