Spring shows return to TV

Betsy Berenback-Gold, Focus Editor

Dance Moms – “Everyone is replaceable,” except in this show ,because who wouldn’t want to watch screaming mom drama, wonderful young dancers and an in-your-face dance teacher? That’s right, Dance Moms is back for its third season and it is just as crazy as usual. Abby Lee Miller, who owns an elite dance studio that competes weekly at various competitions around the country. Miller uses controversial teaching techniques to train her nine to twelve year old students, and she is what makes this show so intriguing to watch. An out of control dance teacher, all she really cares about is getting first at all the competitions and maintaining her untarnished reputation. She tells her students that “getting second is the first to lose” and “crying is for your pillow” after having them practice for five hours straight six days a week. The show can’t go more than five minutes without drama and fighting. It is currently on Lifetime tv on Tuesdays at nine.

Pretty Little Liars – A is back and is torturing the pretty little liars once again. This story is about Hannah, Spencer, Emily, and Aria and how they are getting all their secrets exposed by an unknown person named A. With every secret A exposes, the more tangled web of lies, deceit and drama unfold. If you like to watch drams like switched at birth or Life of an American Teenager, then this show would be good for you. You can watch this web of drama on Tuesday at eight.

Project Runway – Just make it work, is the famous tagline for this TV show competition. That’s right, project runway is back with season 11. This show is when fashion designers from all over the country come together to compete for $100,000 and a chance to make their own fashion line. This competition is hard and takes on toll on the contestants as they strive to fit tight deadlines and harsh critiques form the honest judges.  Catch the new season on January 24 on lifetime.

The Taste – How much can you judge something based on a taste? Well, in this new cooking show called The Taste, culinary celebrities will take a single bite of dish and grade it. The catch, the judges will eat it blind folded and make critiques just solely based on that one bite, without knowing anything about it or who made it. The cooks stand behind a wall and listen to the comments given by the judges. This brand new show is airing January 22 at 8 on ABC.