Fairfax Underground – Digging Up the Dirt

Fairfax Underground is a project site initially designed to improve communication among residents of Fairfax County.
The site allows anyone to search a Fairfax County resident and see if they have ever gotten a police ticket or arrest, or to just see any complaints in the several neighborhoods of Northern Virginia.

Anyone who comes upon the site is allowed to post whatever they think the “Northern Virginia residents would find interesting.”

According to the Fairfax Underground website, “the posts are not edited for lewdness, correctness, or vulgarity.”
The website was created in 2005 because of the author’s personal frustration with trying to find local information on the internet.

Examples of what is on the site include traffic incidents or specific complaints about issues in neighborhoods.
The creator Cary W (She won’t give her last name) mentions on the website to not be shy about what the users post.

The goal of the website is for anyone to be able to find local information going on in the area.

The forums are the fundamental feature of the website. There are currently four sections.

Fairfax General is where everything of any interest to Northern Virginia can be posted.
Specific City/Town is where “local” forums for a specific city or town are used for “complaining about specific things” in the neighborhood, according to the website.

NoVa Underground is where local forums for Arlington, Prince William and Loudoun are found and lastly, the Off-Topic forum is where everything else that does not fit into those categories can go.

The posts can remain anonymous if the users wish to do so and the site is completely free and open to any residents of the county.

The website states that no information posted will be sold or passed on in any way and the identity of the users will always be able to remain anonymous.

The website allows students in the school to look up different teachers.

In fact, many students have done so.

Teachers or administrators also are able to look up the students using this forum.

Junior Sahar Lutfi said, “I know what the site is, but I’ve only been on once or twice and it was more to see what it was about than search for teachers and other people I know at the school.”