Remember When…Kelly Clarkson and Green Day Album Reviews

Riker Lawrence and Laura Carter, Staff Writers

Waiting for the day a favorite band releases a new CD can be endless. This winter many stars are releasing new CDs and songs. Kelly Clarkson, and Green Day are just some of the few that have decided to do so.

Another singer, Kelly Clarkson, released her album, “Kelly Clarkson’s Greatest Hits: Chapter One” on November 19. It consists of fourteen of Clarkson’s biggest hits plus a few new songs. Hits like “Walk Away,” “Behind those Hazel Eyes,” and “Mr. Know It All,” are included on Clarkson’s album. “Walk Away” is a song about a relationship. In the song, Clarkson seems mad about the boy she is “dating.” “Walk Away” was the fifth song on Clarkson’s album “Breakaway.” “Mr. Know It All” recently came out on the album “Stronger.” In the song, Clarkson expresses her feelings on those types of people, know it alls. “Stronger” was also a favorite. Many girls found the songs relatable. “I think it’s very inspirational,” senior Emily Grace Rowson said. “A lot of girls feel overlooked.”

In addition to these stars, Green Day released an album on November 14, “¡Dos!” as part of their trilogy music collection. The album contains thirteen songs. One of their songs, “See You Tonight”, starts off with the sound of guitar strings and a friendly ambiance. Other songs on their album include “Nightlife” and “Amy”. Although not the most well-known band, many people still enjoy their music. “I think it’s really good. It’s a new direction for them,” senior Nana Asane said. Some people noticed a difference in style between their albums. “The first album is more of a punk style, the second one is more mainstream and pop style,” Asane said. “It exceeded my expectations.”

This winter, many stars were determined in making sure that their albums would attract fans. As time passes, the prices of these new albums decrease, but right now on iTunes “Kelly Clarkson’s Greatest Hits: Chapter One” costs $11.9. Lastly, Green Day’s “¡Dos!” costs $9.99. The prospect of hearing new songs has tempted many people into buying recently released albums. Many students were pleased with the results of these albums. “Go buy the album,” Avedissian said. “…[The album] didn’t let me down.”