One Direction Continues Success with “Take Me Home”

Stefanie Chae, Entertainment Editor

“That’s what makes you beautiful,” these famous lyrics by British-Irish boy band, One Direction, had girls swooning all around the world

Following the success of their debut album, “Up All Night,” One Direction has released a second album that was breaking records before it was even out in stores.

It landed in the number one spot on the pre-order charts in more than 50 countries. This album has climbed to the top of the charts in 32 countries. According to Nielsen Soundscan, 540,000 copies were sold in its first week, beating the debut album which sold 176,000 in its first week.

Unlike the first album, “Take Me Home” has more direct input from the five band members. Five of the songs featured on the album were co-written by the boys but still sound manufactured by their management.

Some directioners (the fanbase) were disappointed by the first album because members Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson did not have as many solos as the other members, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. On the sophomore album, Horan and Tomlinson have more solos that will content the directioners.

Even though the group was put together by Simon Cowell on the talent show X Factor, the chemistry between the boys allow…..

The slower ballads expose their vocals that have the ability of drawing the attention of girls everywhere, instantly falling in love with their voices and the message the songs deliver.

Every single is full of promises of love and what they would do for the girl they love. Each song has the repetition that allows a song to be stuck a fan’s head all day and each has the repetitive theme of love.

As the boys matured, it is evident that some of their lyrics have matured along with them. Some of the songs are not meant for the ears of the younger directioners.

Fans can purchase three different versions of this album: the original, the Deluxe album and the Yearbook edition. The Deluxe album is only sold in Target stores and features five bonus tracks in addition to the 13 tracks. The yearbook edition features four bonus tracks that are different to the bonus tracks on the Deluxe album in addition to the 13 tracks.

This album is statistically proven to be better than the debut album and is worth the investment if you’re a fan of a manufactured boy-band’s pop music.