Ice Hockey Combines Intensity and Excitement

Faith Schweikert, Managing Editor

In the wake of the film Miracle, ice hockey was at its prime. Canada is known for its fantastic love of the sport but somehow, at Robinson, it seems that love has dwindled so much so that the majority of the student body is unaware the school even has an ice hockey team.

“It’s just so unknown. People still come up to me and ask if we even have a team,” defensive player Caleb Peck said.

To the team who practices just once a week, ice hockey is still an indescribable aspect in their lives. Practice at Prince William Ice Arena is so infrequent because ice time comes at an extreme cost; especially considering the club team must fundraise and pay for everything on their own, unsponsored by the county. However, summers allow the team to catch up on playing as a team and learn to work together through the scrimmages they hold throughout the year.

“Even some who know we have a team, don’t take us seriously,” goalie Alex DeYoung said.

The team is actually a good contender in the area. Last year, including post season they were 10-0 with the added help of then senior, Carly Bucklez. This year, they are still going strong. The teams’ first game against Stonebridge High School was a success win at 7-0.

DeYoung said play doesn’t stop very often. It is similar to lacrosse it that it only pauses in the case of injury, a score or penalties. However, unlike lacrosse where they just run around on the field, ice hockey players must complete these similar tasks while skating backwards and forwards on ice all the while fearing being slammed against the walls or hit with a hockey puck.

But with a sport where literally missing ten seconds seems too long to look away it’s so exciting, why is the ice hockey team not more prominent at the school?

“The problem is publicity,” DeYoung said. “We [the players] barely know when and where the games are going to be, let alone people who want to come and watch.”

Peck got into ice hockey in fifth grade when he and a few buddies wanted to do something ‘different.’ Now he, and some of the same guys, play on the team and are speechless when asked why they love the sport so dearly.

“It’s hard to describe,” Peck said. “I just love it.”

This love not only has grasped its players but its spectators.

“Everyone who has come to a game has come back,” DeYoung said. “Everyone loves ice hockey; they just don’t know it yet.”