D.C. Hosts First Jingle Ball

Kimberly Williams, Entertainment Edditor

December 11, thousands of fans will be lining up outside the Patriot Center, waiting for one of the DC area’s biggest events of the year. Hosted by HOT 99.5, the concert series known as Jingle Ball will take place for the first time in the area.

The concert features A-list celebrity singers, including Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Cher Lloyd, Flo Rida, Enrique Iglesias, Austin Mahone and the “Gangnam Style” video’s Psy. The sold out event allows the singers to perform a number of their own songs, as well as some well-known Christmas songs.

“There are a lot of big names under one roof at one time, so that’s a big attraction. I’m looking forward to Psy and Enrique because I like their music and it’s an entertaining atmosphere,” sophomore Aditya Srikanth said.

The concert was announced on “The Kane Show,” a popular radio talk show in the area. Since the show released the lineup of artists, countless advertisements and promotional events have hyped the excitement for the Jingle Ball concert. The event sold out the day tickets went on sale, even though most tickets costed around $100 each.

Although tickets cannot be purchased directly from HOT 99.5 or Ticketmaster anymore, there are still a variety of websites which have tickets. One of the most reliable websites is Stubhub, a website where users resell tickets.

The Jingle Ball series has been popular for years, although it generally takes place in New York and other various popular cities. The concert tours to several cities each year, with each show a different lineup. The DC area’s first Jingle Ball is likely to become a more permanent yearly event due to the high demand in tickets.

“I am really looking forward to Jingle Bell because I get to see multiple artists perform all for the price of one! Plus it’s is right in the middle of December, which gives me a break from college apps!” senior Neema Laheri said.

Several students will be attending the concert, and because many of those students paid for tickets with their own money, the concert can seem overwhelmingly expensive. Jingle Ball doesn’t stop at the actual concert- there’s certain to be various merchandise and opportunities for the venue to make money. The Patriot Center, like most arenas, is known for its high prices on food and drinks, so try eating at home. Also, though the t-shirt and poster may seem like a great keepsake, remember the memory is in the concert experience, not the stuff. Taking pictures is an easy way to capture concert memories without paying for them.

Jingle Ball is the event people who attended the concert will be talking about the day after as many students will be celebrating the holidays together with their favorite singers. The show is expected to be huge, so be sure to pick up a ticket if possible.