How to Survive Tropical Weather in Northern Virginia

This past month the east coast suffered a devastating blow from Hurricane Sandy. The community may not have gotten the worst of it, but this did not stop parents from sending their kids out on a mission to find batteries and candles in the rain. The lack of water bottles, Arizona tea and Tostito chips in the nearby Wal-Mart, one may lead to assume there is a zombie apocalypse coming. Here are a few tips to conquer the next tropical storm.

1. The rare occasion to stuff your face without feeling guilty comes only comes withThanksgiving and possibly a hurricane. Make sure to stock pile on non perishable foods for 2-3 days before the storm hits.

2.   When your iPhone runs out of battery, a part of your souls dies. To avoid spiritual conflict, charge phones and laptops throughout the day in case power failure occurs.

3. What better time to have a massive girls/bros night in than during a storm? Have friends and family gather together during the storm to pass time.

4. The best feeling is when fellow classmates start tweeting school has been canceled. To confirm cancelation claims check the recent announcements on

5. Don’t realize how serious the storm is until a tree branches come flying through the window. Frequently check local news stations and weather channels to stay informed.