DECA Encourages Students to Stand Up to Fight Cancer

Lime outs, pink outs, DECAvengers, purple out… DECA has had different ways of raising awareness for the different types of cancer.

Previous years, DECA spent all lunches on Nov 13 putting in pink hair extensions with Paul Mitchell to raise money for breast cancer.

This was one of the many spirit days throughout the entire project. Other spirit days include lime out for Lymphomia, orange out for Lukemia, black out for skin cancer and a white out for lung cancer.

“So it’s just not focused on one, we’re trying to focus on all of them,” Junior Gabbie Tran said.

This project is trying to raise $5000 by the end of the project to send to Stand up to Cancer (SU2C).  SU2C is a separate foundation that is developed by the help of cancer researchers and two new types of scientific grants, Dream Team grants and Innovative Research grants. 

The Dream Team grants are given to collaborating scientists to develop new treatments to save lives immediately. The Innovative Research grants support cancer research projects that have a high risk but have the potential to affect patient care significantly.

In order to meet the goal of $5000, the pink hair extensions was just one event. There will also be a “Hat day” on Dec 7 when students pay $5 to wear a hat to school.

“Of course, all of the money we get from all of our events go to the organization,” Tran said.

There will also be ribbons students can purchase and sign and write who they are standing up for. These ribbons will then be placed on a banner and hung up through the main hallway.

Students will also be able to purchase a brick to paint and personalize for who they stand up for that will be contributed to a greater mural.

“It’s a more permanent thing that we’re doing for our project because it’s not like a banner where it can be taken down,” Project runner Lauren Mason said.

DECA will be partnering up with FBLA for a benefit concert. FBLA is doing the benefit concert for ASK, specializing in children with cancer. The money raised will be donated to cancer organizations.

Tran said, “It’s going to be really important for people to get involved with us, that is something that we really want.”