Affirmative Action is An Excellent Idea, But Changes Need to Be Made

With the recent election in the books, a new country has been established. A country where voters have thrown out issues of the past and set a new direction forward. However, an old issue has come up in the Supreme Court once again.

Affirmative Action has become a hot topic once again. This time, a white student is claiming she was denied admission to the University of Texas while other students with lower qualities were admitted. Thus the issue has once again come up, and a reform is clearly in the books.

I propose a new way to handle affirmative action. Instead of the previous way it was handled, including race, ethnicity, gender, and religion as factors in admission process, base affirmative action on income.

Affirmative action based on income would provide enormous benefits for several reasons. For one, those in our society who are typically “behind” in terms of education tend to come from places with low levels of income. These areas are low income neighborhoods with low funded schools. Colleges know this and typically pass over these areas because the students are underperforming. This is fundamentally unfair for children living in low income neighborhoods. The children are almost destined to fail because there is no hope for their college attendance. Affirmative Action would provide new opportunities to

Colleges should look at affirmative action in a different way. A fundamental base should be set for families making under $30,000 a year. This would allow students in low income areas such as cities to make it into college. Students who would have never had a chance if this affirmative action was not available to them.

Times are changing, and with these time changes come changes in domestic policy. Affirmative Action is a fundamentally good policy that has good benefits for all Americans. However, the program is outdated and refers to issues of 50 years ago. Therefore the policy needs revision, a fundamental base on income inequality.