A Trio of Movie Reviews – ‘Dave,’ ‘Rat Race’ and ‘Circle of Friends’

Abigail Ashby, Staff Writer

“Dave:” “Dave” is a comedy-romance continuing the spirit of the elections, even after they have concluded. A Temp Agency operator and President look-alike (Kevin Kline) gets the chance of a lifetime, as he gets to live the life of the President, literally. The actual President (also Kline) has a stroke and enters a coma, leaving an inexperienced Dave Kovic to fill his role. Of course, a movie like this could not go without a conniving White House Chief of Staff (Frank Langella) who is all too eager to ensure the real President does not come back into office, adding a suspenseful note, adding to the enjoyment of the audience. Although this movie is unrealistic, its theme of how one person can make in impact is relatable. There are just enough funny moments, suspense and romance to make this an enjoyable movie for everyone.

“Rat Race:” In “Rat Race”, a clean-cut lawyer, a dishonored NFL referee, two unskilled brothers, an unwavering mother and daughter, a narcoleptic Italian immigrant and a frantic father set out on a series of misadventures. These include meeting a crazy squirrel lady, having an insanely jealous pilot who tries to kill her boyfriend and a quest to acquire two million dollars in a Silver City locker in Silver City, regardless of what it takes. What the contestants do not know is the casino owner and a few other millionaires are laying bets on the outcome and are following every move the contestants make. The potential of all the contestants to reach the end is not high as they are blinded with a hunger for money, and as a result end up delaying their arrival to Silver City. With so many stories to keep track of, the movie can be a bit hard to follow when it is skipping from one person to the next. Hilarious, suspenseful and dramatic, people will love this movie until its last second.

 “Circle of Friends:” Based on Maeve Binchy’s novel, this movie contains a compelling story of three best friends in college who give us the warmth and realistic feel of life, love, loss, friendship and triumph over adversity.  This is a movie that is, at turns, humorous, pleasant, heartbreaking and frankly honest; there are many kinds of movies, and this one is both joyful and entertaining. It is an uncommon film that enters the soul and takes a real look at the human condition and how fragile it can be. One can watch “Circle of Friends” multiple times and never tire of it, due to the power in its simplicity. The actors were relatable in their portrayals as young adults in the 50″s as they experience the regrets of sexual interaction; the performances are fresh and heartfelt, and the script and direction are flawless. This movie shows viewers that no person they love is out of their reach and dreams can come true.