Security Doing Excellent Job With Enforcement

This year, school officials have been more efficient with cracking down on alcohol at football games. Several students have been suspended for the rest of the football season for coming to school events intoxicated, and some were even barred from going to school events such as the homecoming dance.

This is a positive change in the school’s security measures, as students are getting increasingly reckless with their consumption of alcohol combined with football games. This means that students are driving, possibly under the influence, and blacking out at football games; this needs to be remedied through discipline. There have been some incidents with students blacking out at games within this season, and being admitted to the hospital because of the consumption of too much alcohol, and this is a sign that students are getting out of control.

The administration is not out to ruin the fun of students at school sponsored events; they are simply concerned by the amount of drinking going on. There is a five day suspension for drinking at games, as well as a class that educates students on alcohol consumption, and the use of other drugs. Due to the increased quantity of students coming to games intoxicated, the ramifications for breaking these rules are becoming more severe. Students could be banned from all school sponsored events for the rest of the year, including all sports games and for seniors, there is a possibility of not being allowed to go to prom.

These measures are necessary for students’ safety. If a student were to drive to a football game after drinking, there is a much increased chance of causing or being involved in a car accident, and this is one of the major concerns of faculty, besides the illegality of the act. However, this year, the concern for student safety has grown because of the amount of alcohol that some students have been consuming before school sponsored events such as football games. When students are being put in the back of ambulances and taken to the hospital due to their unfortunate decisions, there is a rightful cause of concern for the faculty of the school.

The bottom line is that students should not be aggravated by the faculty’s actions; in the end, they are only looking out for student safety. There will be consequences for breaking the rules of the school, but their purpose is to better students’ decision making. The faculty of the school have taken special measures to monitor the students at the football games; there will be a staff member in the press box to watch overhead, and students will be subject to breathalyzer tests if they are under suspect of intoxication.

With only two more football games left this season, one away, and one at home, it is hoped that students will make the best decisions, and still have a great time at the school’s two final games.