Secret Princes Seek Love

Mina Hamblet, News Editor

Every little girl dreams of marrying a prince and thanks to TLC’s new show, “Secret Princes”, that might be a reality for a few American women.

“Secret Princes”, which premiered on September 21st, follows the lives of four men born into royalty from countries around the world and their quest for love in America.

The show closely mirrors the plot line of the eighties film “Coming To America”, a film about a prince (Eddie Murphy) who comes to America in efforts to find true love.

However this TV show does not just have one bachelor, but four. Lord Robert Walters of England, Prince Salauddin Babi of India, the Honourable Ludovic Watson of England and Prince Francisco of Spain are all looking for someone to share their life with.

These men have just about everything they could want in life, except for one thing: true love. For the princes, finding love in their home country wasn’t easy when people just wanted to date them because they were royalty.  The pressure is on because if they can’t find someone, their families might set up an arranged marriage.

The bachelors agreed artificial love was the only type of love they could find in their respective home countries, so the four of them ditched their lavish lifestyles and headed to America in hopes of finding something more real.

‘Speed dating’ is one of the ways the bachelors meet American, and if they make a connection with someone they continue to see them over a four week period.

However, this show doesn’t just document their search for love. It also looks at what it’s like for these men to come to a country where they no longer have servants at their every beck and call, and must clean and cook for themselves.

The princes do everything from line dancing to hosting their first BBQ. They are also forced to get jobs as dog groomers and bus boys. The bachelors must grow accustomed to their new American lifestyle, and throughout it all, the princes struggle to balance out their new life while trying to finding love in Atlanta, Georgia.

At the end of the four week period a ball will be held for all of the bachelors. There, the princes will reveal themselves as royalty to the women, and just maybe, their fairy tale will come true.