5 Helpful Tips for Surviving Football Games

Students trudge into their homes after a football game covered in paint, glitter and glue. Water soaks their clothes, while their raspy voices say goodnight to their fellow rams. They end their night with adrenaline pumping through their veins. However before all this fun begins, one must prep for it. Here are some suggestions on how to get ready for game day.

1. Finding parking at school is equivalent to finding needle in a haystack so get there early. If it’s a big game such as homecoming, get there an hour before. If it’s an away game, get there 25-30 minutes before.

2. It’s clear to say school spirit is at its all time high. To stay in the loop of game related things such as the theme, check the student created Facebook page called “R-UNIT”.

3. Trying to beat the white powder out of a pair what used to be black UGGs is not an enjoyable time. Avoid the shoe abuse and wear apparel which won’t be missed if it’s ruined. Chances are those UGGs won’t go back to being black.

4. Standing in the student section is a memorable experience but standing away from friends is not. Get to the bleachers early to avoid any conflicts and sitting in the first three rows because they are specifically reserved for the seniors.

 5. Remember, being a part of the ram experience is a privilege. Act responsibly and treat people around you with respect. Keep in mind, one dumb decision can affect everyone in the section.