New Field Hockey Coach Brings Change


Owen Joyce, Sports Editor

Bringing in a new coach to any team always comes with change. Whether it is change to coaching style, strategy on the field, or even experience, almost nothing is the same. Bill Levey is the new field Hockey coach, and hopes his change will be a positive one.

“Our old coach was a lot more intense and focused on conditioning, and our new coach is a lot more relaxed,” senior Gwendolyn Apgar said.

Levey has been coaching for more than half a decade at different schools and at different levels.

“I have been coaching for six years, four years at Hayfield for junior varsity and freshmen, and one year at Edison as an assistant coach,” Levey said.

The players on the team noticed their new coach is more receptive to player’s ideas.

“He is very open to hearing what players want to do, there is a lot of motivation,” senior Delia Goldin said.

Levey agrees with Goldin, saying he likes to get their opinions during practice.

“I try to [listen to the players], and I do take some suggestions during practice, but sometimes if I have something similar planned I will stay with what I have,” Levey said.

But the recommendations do not stop at practice, Levey continued, they continue at games.

“I listen, but not necessarily at practice,” Levey said. “I like to listen in games to hear how they see the game going,”

Levey also brings a unique perspective to the team from his previous experience.

“Before I was a coach I was an official so I can show them what I would look for as an official,” Levey said.

The changes from coach to coach don’t stop at personality; it extends to the strategy on the field.

“He brought a new strategy to our team, including a new formation on the field. We used to be really heavy on the forward line and now we have more center midfielders,” Apgar said.

One of the most impressive aspects Levey saw in this new team is their commitment even when they are behind.

“The players we have are very competitive and they always play to the end of the game, I never see them quitting on the field,” Levey said.

Levey had to start with a whole new coaching staff as well when he came to the school.

“I didn’t bring coaches with me but Coach Paola Aguilar, who was the JV coach last year returned,” Levey said.

Coach Aguilar helps give Levey some insight into the players on the team.

“Yes Coach Aguilar returning helps me out because she gives me a bit of insight into the returning players,” Levey said.

With all of these new aspects of coaching, the players are still learning key qualities for the game.

Goldin said “He really sponsors a lot of individual player initiative, as well as team leadership.”