Summer fun 2012 starts at Wolf Trap

Megan Lin, Staff Writer

The smell of fresh grass mingles with the rustle of sundresses, beautiful lyrics and notes which float through the sweet summer air.

A night under the stars as the sun sets over Wolf Trap National Park for the Per­forming Arts is truly “where the arts come out to play”. Each summer Wolf Trap offers affordable concerts featuring a wide vari­ety of music from classical composers like Beethoven to country singers like Martina McBride. This summer Wolf Trap has ampli­fied their concert schedule with artists such as, Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae, Count­ing Crows, Colbie Calliat, Train and many other currently popular modern artists.

Many students such as sophomores Ben Taitano and Katie Sisson have been to a con­cert at Wolf Trap and both said they enjoyed the experience.

“My favorite part was that it was basical­ly an outdoor theatre and we weren’t totally inside,” Taitano said. “The experience was good enough to provide sufficient entertain­ment for the low ticket price.”

As for recommendations and tips for any summer Wolf Trap concert go-ers, both Sis­son and Taitano stress the importance of seat selection. Sisson recommends purchasing lawn tickets so you can pack a picnic.

Taitano said, “I would get the best seats because there are those nosebleed seats where you can see everything, except for the front.”