‘MIB 3D’ does not reach full potential

Simran Badwal, Staff Writer

Following the original “Men in Black,” Men in Black Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are back. Director Barry Sonnenfeld adds a new twist to this movie by introducing Agent K when he was younger and first new in this field.

Agent J must take a trip into the past in or­der to save both the future and his aloof part­ner Agent K in the third installment of the hit sci-fi comedy series. After 15 years of working with aliens, Agent J is pretty sure he’s seen it all. Just when he’s getting the hang of the game, he learns history has strangely been rewritten. In this new timeline, Agent K has been dead for 40 years, and Earth will soon come under attack from outer space with the power to take over the entire planet. In or­der to set the past straight and bring things back to normal, Agent J must travel back to the year 1969, when Young Agent K (Josh Brolin) was just a brand new agent on the force. Agent J only has 24 hours to find the source of the coming catastrophe and to save his partner.

Back in 1969, the young K played by Josh Brolin, tries to match Tommy Lee Jones by trying to be silent and just staring. But si­lence in itself is not Jones’s secret. Brolin makes his face a stone wall, but you can al­ways see Jones thinking, no matter how quiet he is. Brolin tries hard, but he can’t fill the awkward silences the way Jones would have done it.

In this film when Agent J goes back in 1969 the environment is very different and there­fore the film gets plenty of laughs based sim­ply on the difference in technologies and atti­tudes. The hand-held Neuralizer (the “flashy thing”) J is used to in the present is actually a giant MRI-type machine in the early days of the Men in Black. Director Barry Sonnenfeld has revealed in interviews he watched the “Back To The Future” films several times in preparation for this project.

“Men in Black 3” use of action, comedy and good sci-fi, makes it a solid and satisfying film. Even though some of the aliens might creep some movie go-ers out, remember the more imagery is involved, the better the set­tings and gives a wide variety of visual de­scriptions. It feels like the script was incom­plete during the filming. Yes, Josh Brolin does do a really good job of mimicking Tommy Lee Jones. But the script lets him down. Some of the background aliens were kind of cool, but they happen so fast, movie watchers get a glimpse and they are gone.

Both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have said they would consider appearing in “Men in Black 4.” This would be an inter­esting idea but should also add Smith’s son, Jaden Smith. He could replace his dad later on, and it would be easy for Jaden to pick up after him. Jaden would be an excellent char­acter to fill in for Agent J’s position.

Overall, this movie was just as good as the other two. It could use a little work on the script part but all I can say is when are they going to start with the fourth one.