Summer Football Camp

Ian Criman, Editorials Editor

After doing summer training workouts for years at Camp Varsity, our school’s football team switched football camps last year and this is the second year they will be going.  The camp, called Team USA Sports Camps, is located in Port Jervis, New York and used to be a training site for the National Soccer Team.

Head Coach Trey Taylor said the climate at the new camp is cooler than the one at Camp Varsity, allowing for the team to do three practices every day without having to deal with the extreme heat.

“At Camp Varsity, we couldn’t necessarily do three practices a day because of the heat,” Taylor said.  “The cooler weather allows for a reduced chance of losing practice.”

Taylor said the facilities are better at Team USA Sports Camps, and there are more of them so there’s less of a backup.

“The facilities at the camp are more modern than the ones at Camp Varsity, so it definitely helps us out.”

Junior Benjie Canady said while the facilities at the new camp are better than the ones at Camp Varsity, Camp Varsity had a more traditional feel to it.

“The struggles we went through at Camp Varsity helped create a more cohesive environment, while at the new camp it’s not as traditional, Canady said.

Canady said the fields are also better at the new camp.

“The quality of the fields is a lot better and it’s really nice to practice with cooler weather at the new camp,” Canady said.

Taylor said he believes the new camp is special, and can add a lot to the football team’s chemistry.

Taylor said, “I’ve been either a player or a coach for 17 years, and this is one of the best camps I’ve ever been too.”