Sports Leadership class introduced

Owen Joyce, Staff Writer

This year the sports leadership class will be offered at Robinson. Coach Matt Cross and Coach Bryan Hazard will be teaching the class they described as a cross between SGA and Sports Marketing.

“Were taking SGA for athletes, something that Coach Hazard and I will do, and we want to have broadcasting and communications aspects in the class,” Cross said.

Coach Hazard has been working with a college professor from the University of North Carolina to establish this class.

“I have been working on our syllabus, and I have been working with a professor from UNC,” Hazard said.

The class will prepare students later in life for a possible career in sports marketing.

“This is a class for sports marketing majors, where we will be able to offer internships through our program around the country,” Cross said.

The class will not just focus high school athletics; it will also focus on some local club teams.

“We are going to partner up with some of our feeder schools to do some BRYC events, and little mini games,” Cross said.

Hazard thinks this class will be important for other schools who will try to have this class later.

Hazard said, “This class will be the boiling point for the future of sports leadership.”