Club sports take recruiting world by storm


Collier, pictured above, said, “I think that I am definitely more dedicated to my high school team, because I have worked so long with those girls.”

Owen Joyce, Staff Writer

In the world of high school sports occasionally there are players on a team who dedicate their time not only to their high school team, but the club team they belong to as well.

“I play for the Skywalkers, they are a lacrosse team in Maryland,” Senior Campbell Collier said.

Collier has played club lacrosse for three years, but with different teams.

“I played for Capital lacrosse two years and I played for the Skywalkers for one year, and the Skywalkers are definitely the better team,” Collier said.

For Collier playing lacrosse in the Maryland area is better, because of the community.

While Collier thinks the Skywalkers are a better team, it does not mean she did not get any exposure while on the Capital team.

“Before my sophomore year I was the most valuable player at the Prague Cup, which is a tournament my club team went to held next to the World Cup of Lacrosse,” Collier said. “The MVPs got to go out and be recognized at halftime in one the games,”

“Maryland is better for lacrosse because it is more of a competitive place to be, and Baltimore has a better lacrosse community,” Collier said.

Junior Savannah Miller and Junior Haley Roberson both play for the VSA Heat and Miller believes her club league has harder competition.

“The club level of competition is definitely higher because everyone at that level is much better and when you’re in club you want to go farther with your sport,” Miller said.

Some athletes are more dedicated to their club team, because they spend more time with them.

“I think that I am definitely more dedicated to my club team because I spend more time with them than my club team,” Roberson said.

There are some athletes, however, who are more dedicated to their high school team.

“I think that I am definitely more dedicated to my high school team, emotionally, because I have worked so long with those girls,” Collier said.

While she said she was more dedicated to her high school team, she was also dedicated to her club team in another way.

“I am dedicated to the high school team emotionally, but I think that I am more physically dedicated to my club team,” Collier said.

One of the many reasons that club teams are important to high school athletes is because of the amount of exposure they can get from playing.

“Club at the level I play at is about getting into college, because you can talk to your coach without breaking any rules, and they can talk to other coaches,” Collier said.

While club teams are good for college exposure, some clubs can be better than others.

“I was looked at by some good colleges, but I think that if I had been on the Skywalkers then I would have been recruited by some Ivy League schools” Collier said.