Durand in preparation for third half marathon.


Nick Runkel, Staff Writer

With only three weeks left until the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon March 17, English and ToK teacher Ami Durand continues to prepare for her third race. This is the first year the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series will be held at the Nation’s Capitol, she said.

“I got into running just for fun during college because I was broke and it was free; all I needed was a pair of sneakers,” Ami Durand said.

Durand said running is an outlet for her to get lost in her thoughts, and she really enjoys it.

At the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon, a band will be performing at every mile, making this race much different than ones she has ran in the past, Ami Durand said, along with being alone.

“This is my first half marathon I’m doing by myself; my first one I ran with Katherine Naughton,” Durand said.

She and Naughton run after school as much as possible and have been running together for seven years now, Ami Durand said.

“We run campus laps, in the surrounding neighbor hoods and, if the weather is nice, we go to Burke Lake to run,” Ami Durand said. “The time goes by much faster, and it makes it more fun.”

Durand said running with a partner holds her accountable on the days when she does not feel like going out.

However, sometimes finding the time right after school is harder now, Ami Durand said, since she has to pick up her kids at three.

“I feel selfish after working all day then going out for a run when I should be hanging out with them,” Durand said.

To create a happy medium between her hobby and family, Durand involves her kids while she runs by pushing one of them in a stroller

“My son Noah, who is three, will sometimes ask to go for a run,” Ami Durand said. “He likes to go on Saturday mornings, and he tends to fall asleep during the run.”

Jamie Durand, Ami Durand’s husband, said he supports his wife’s running because it is good for her and the kids as well.

“Ami’s running helps the boys by getting them fresh air while she runs,” Jamie said. “Ami would run pushing the boys in a race stroller, but they do not allow that.”

Jamie Durand said he also benefits from her running because it provides him with additional father-son time.

“It helps me by having more time with the boys while she is running the races because I get to spend the day watching the boys,” Jamie Durand said.

Jamie Durand said, eventually, he will take his sons to support Ami at the races as they are get older because it will be easier to bring them.

Jamie Durand said. “I do plan to go to the races to cheer her on, but a lot of the races are in the winter and sitting with the boys in the cold is no fun. One day family and friends will be there on almost every race to support Ami.”