Shooting stars put team on their backs


Owen Joyce, Staff Writer

One team, three players, and approximately 64 percent of the points scored. The varsity basketball team has a roster of 13 players, yet just three of those players are combined for more than half of points scored. Yet these statistics display more of a team effort than in years past.

“We have a lot of scorers; Pillow, Hackett and Ruddy; we share the ball a lot more than in years past,” Senior Tristian Crenshaw said.

This does not mean the team has been selfish with the ball in the past.

“Unselfish basketball has always been a focus, but in years past we leaned on Mike Rice for offense, and he would score so much because he would get offensive rebounds, and not by trying to force the bad shots” Brian Nelson, head coach of the boys varsity basketball, said.

The team has also been sharing the ball between players. While the shooting percentage of the top five players is the same as it was last year, there has been better movement.

“Most of our plays use all of our guys, you know, we pass the ball around and if you do not have an open shot, you pass the ball to someone who does,” Crenshaw said

Senior Rob Pillow said the team has worked on scoring based on the opportunity of each player.

“We give the ball to whoever has the best opportunity to score,” Pillow said. “It is about execution this season,” Pillow said

The team this year has to rely on the team instead of just one player. Where the top scorer last year had 22 points per game, the top scorer this year has had 17 points per game.

“We rely on everybody because even if the offense is based on one person, on defense everyone has to play his part, we all have to have the same mindset,” Senior Rob Pillow said

Nelson said the team has been able to put up enough points to win even if no one puts up over 20 points.

“We don’t have to lean on one guy who scores 20 points, now we have three players who can put up over 20, and even if we don’t our leading scorer will have like 14, nut the other guys will have like 10 or 12 each,” Nelson said.

The team has also worked on the team play, and working together.

“We are definitely a more cohesive unit, we are more family oriented, as a team,” Junior Keegan Ruddy said.

There are more players who contribute on a game by game basis this year, as well.

“Last year we had like seven players who contribute every game, but this year we have more like 10 players who contribute,” Ruddy said.

The coaches have also given the players the encouragement they need, to work play as a team

“They [the coaches] give everyone a lot of encouragement to the players on being aggressive and not focusing on just one player,” Ruddy said.

Pillow agreed, saying the coaches want the players to carry out the game plan and work on everyone being involved.

“This year every player has played a more important role.” Pillow said. “The coaches have also been pushing heavily on executing the plays that he provides.”