DECA TV Land Fashion Show…

As a sequel to the “music genre” fashion show put on by DECA last year, students walked down the runway of Russel Theatre, dressed in fashions from stores such as Papaya and Banana Republic. The theme this year, thought of by senior show directors Brenna Dolan and Gabby Aldykiewicz.

Students in any marketing class could be a part of the show, after auditioning. Their responsibilities included six practices, two dress rehearsals and four days of fitting, said senior and scene director Jessie Stulik. Marketing students had the option to be scene directors, models or backstage directors.

Work on the fashion show started in March of last year by the show directors and by fashion marketing teacher and overall supervisor, Sarah Hinkhouse. Talking to retailers, promoting the show and getting permission for fliers were some of the responsibilities show directors had, said Aldykiewicz.

The individual scene directors also put in a lot of time. Some of the scenes were fashioned after clothing in Project Runway, The Office, That 70’s Show, Sesame Street, 90210, Sports Center, I Love Lucy, Bewitched and The Bachelor. Hair and makeup was done by Paul Mitchell for every scene.

Jessie Stulik was in charge of the finale scene, The Bachelor, in which the models wore floor length gowns. Stulik said, “the end result was really good, but in the beginning we had organizational issues. But at the end it was worth all the struggle”.