Depo’s road to recovery


Bailey Haase, Staff Writer

“Break a leg” is a phrase used to wish someone good luck, but, in sophomore wrestler Zak DePasquale’s case, breaking his leg was anything but lucky. DePasquale was injured at the Ironman varsity wrestling tournament in Ohio several weeks ago.

“It was really scary,” head coach Bryan Hazard said. “We had to get the rescue team to take him out.”

Hazard said he went to the Children’s Hospital in Akron, Ohio, before being moved back to a hospital in D.C., and was later relocated to a rehabilitation center in Chicago.

Zak DePasquale, commonly known as Zak Depo, broke his leg during the meet and is currently healing at the well-respected rehabilitation center in Chicago. He is currently unable to return home due to the condition of his broken leg.

Zak’s injury is severe; he developed Compartment Syndrome in his leg wound, which resulted in his muscles starting to deteriorate. Zak lost most of the muscle in the anterior compartment of his lower leg.

“My parents were very emotional for a very long time,” freshman and brother Cole DePasquale said, “My brother was in a very serious condition for a while; we didn’t know what the outcome of the disease would be.”

His family awaits Zak’s return at home; Cole DePasquale, said he was at a home tournament when Zak broke his leg.

“At first I didn’t believe it; I felt so badly for him,” Cole DePasquale said. “I knew how it felt because I had broken my leg not two months before; we hope Zak will return home within a couple of weeks.”

Hazard said Zak’s injury was a big hit to the team, but his leg’s condition has significantly improved.

“I went and saw him in Chicago last week, and he is doing pretty well,” Hazard said. “I do think he will be able to wrestle next season.”

His mother is currently watching over Zak in the rehabilitation center in Chicago, said Cole DePasquale.

“My mom hasn’t left his side for a minute since he injured himself, and my dad would be there too if he did not have to be home with me,” Cole DePasquale said.

According to the rehabilitation center, Zak DePasquale’s discharge date is January 26. He has healed significantly and will be returning home soon, though he will be unable to wrestle for the rest of the season.

The wrestling team is supportive of Zak’s progress in his healing process, and eagerly awaits Zak’s return home as well. Hazard said the team supports the DePasquale family during Zak’s time of trial and hopes he will be back at our school as soon as possible.

The team was very upset and disappointed to see Zak like this and to lose him for the season. The team stands behind Zak during his recovery.

“We are very grateful for Zak pulling through and staying strong,” Cole DePasquale said.

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