‘Battlefield 3’ Review


Ian Criman, Staff Writer

Battlefield 3 is an excellent game, overall.  It has a fantastic multiplayer mode, but the campaign falls short.  It feels like you are playing two different games. In the consoles, the package has two disks, multiplayer and single player campaign.  The game takes awhile to get used to, but once you do, it’s a very fun game.

The campaign mode is a story about Sergeant John Blackburn, who is a marine.  It is based on an interrogation about a terrorist organization known as the P.L.R.  The leader of the P.L.R, Solomon, is the main antagonist and is the main focus of the game.  When playing the campaign, it doesn’t really jump out as being a unique and original story.  It has its moments, but overall is lacking in a high-profile game such as Battlefield 3.   The campaign mode in Battlefield 3 is also limited in the fact that a player doesn’t really have much choice in what to do. Unlike Multiplayer, the campaign mode is narrow and focused and objective-based.

Unlike the campaign mode, which is closed and gives a player almost no options, Multiplayer is where Battlefield 3 excels.  It is very wide open, and allows for a ton of customization.  A player can customize weapons on different vehicles after gaining proficiency in using them.  The maps are also wide open.  The scale of the maps are impressive, maps in multiplayer are huge.  This allows for Helicopters and Fighters to operate without the feeling that the player is getting cramped.  Battlefield 3 offers a good mix of massive maps, and smaller ones for players who want to just fight it out, and not use vehicles as much.  The Multiplayer mode is also very diverse.   These all relate with each other.  Battlefield 3 features many different options for customization.  Players can gain better weapons as they increase proficiency, and they can also gain better perks for vehicles they are using.  Multiplayer is also fun because a player can use any vehicle on the battlefield, which is a big difference from its main competitors.

Sound in Battlefield 3 is incredible.  Bullets whiz by you undercover and hearing them slap on the surface behind you is pretty cool.  Maps are also destructible for the most part, and explosions of building s are very realistic.

Battlefield 3 is an awesome game.  Playing the multiplayer is the bread and butter of the game, while the campaign mode falls short.  Battlefield 3 has a reputation for a strong multiplayer and campaigns that are lacking, and this game isn’t different.  The multiplayer is the best I’ve played in a while, and there is a lot of freedom for what the player wants to do.