New editing software leads to improved morning news

Good Morning Robinson, or GMR as it is more commonly known, has received new computers with new editing software in the past two weeks.

“We have been waiting since May, and the last time they bought a new editing computer was 1996,” Senior Lawrence Doherty said.

The new computers have brought many new changes and improvements to the GMR program.

“We can do more special effects, transitions and things like that.” Doherty said. “Especially the amount of computers, because now we can have more people working at one time.”

He said the computers have allowed the program to go from analog editing to digital

“Basically with analog it is a one button type and we would have to take all the clips from different DVDs and put it onto one DVD, and with digital we can do more effects,” Doherty said.

Doherty added that the flexibility of the program has also increased.

“We can do a lot more last minute stuff, and if we messed up we had to start all the way over,” Doherty said.

Senior David Weinberg said the computers are not the only improvement GMR has received.

“We have this thing called DroBro, and it is our own server,” Weinberg said. “It is for us to save all of our stuff, because before we would save it to the U drive, and now we have DroBro and it is the size of eight U Drives.”