“Get ready, it’s that fabulous time again”

Reem Nadeem, Staff Writer

While students’ heads occasionally nod as they doze through the morning announcements, they perk up when they hear the infamous slogan repeated multiple times in quick succession.

‘Nerds on computers,’ the video clip junior Jimmy Case created, has become synonymous with the Technology Student Association (TSA), a national, non-profit organization our school features. According to tsaweb.org, over 150,000 students nationwide participate in the organization to learn about varied fields through the technological angle of TSA.

Every Thursday afternoon, TSA students meet in adviser Steve Snyder’s room to work on their projects.  Despite what the slogan advertises, TSA provides opportunities for students to test their skills in areas other than computer design. Common categories for projects include animatronics, fashion design and construction renovation.

After collaborating to complete projects, TSA students are able to show off their work in various competitions. Around March, some students compete in Regionals; if they win, they have the opportunity to take their project to States, and then to Nationals.

However, not all students enter competitions with a project in hand. During on-site competitions, students are given a set number of hours to work on a project given to them on the spot. These students are given no time to prepare for this work, and must exercise quick thinking skills if they wish to create a winning project.

Other competitions are spread over a longer period of time, and groups of TSA students specializing in certain areas of expertise are eligible to participate in them as a unit. The groups are assigned a set of questions or problems pertaining to their area, and must solve or answer the given work before the competition deadline.

Some TSA members joined the organization because of their desire to compete with their projects, while others take pleasure in working after school.

“The kids needed an after-school activity that was competitive but not sports-centered,” Snyder said.

Sophomore Divya Das, one of two girls participating in TSA, said she enjoys completing the work.

“If you really want to join it and you’re ready for the commitment, it’s really worth it. I don’t regret it, because, in the end it really pays off,” Das said.

Junior Brian Tong said, while the organization may appeal to technologically-savvy students, anyone can find something to enjoy.

“Students don’t need a strong background in technology to participate in competitions,” Tong said. “The club’s very open to anybody; you don’t have to come inherently interested in technology. At the very least, you can decrease your hatred for technology.”

Tong said TSA is a great way for students to discover interesting professions they may wish to seek in the future, such as System Control Technology, his personal favorite category. “Whatever interests you, you can try it out. TSA can peak your interest and you can pursue a career in that,” Tong said.

Whatever career the TSA students decide to pursue, they can reflect positively on their time in the organization, knowing their infamous slogan is immortalized online: Case’s clip is one of the top videos displayed under the YouTube search: ‘Nerds on computers.’