‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’ proves itself the best of the worst

Faith Schweikert, Copy Editor

Just because “The Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn Part 1” can fill theaters and cause millions of fans to lose sleep at the midnight premiere, does not mean the actual film is good. It is the best of all the movies, though this isn’t saying much, considering how terrible the previous “Twilight” movies are.

It follows the novels’ storyline almost verbatim; picking up where “Eclipse” left off with Bella Swan’s (Kristen Stewart) decision to marry vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) over her best friend and werewolf, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). The film includes the much-anticipated wedding, honeymoon, birth, and depending on how one perceives it, death.

The film begins strong with the reaction from Bella’s loved ones to receiving their wedding invitations. It is here viewers will catch their only glimpse of Jacob’s beloved abs.

The wedding can be described no other way than a fairytale. The set is incredible; located in the forest with vines and flowers everywhere, it captures the essence of what the book wanted it to be. However, it was Bella who ruined the dream-like scene. As she walks down the aisle, one might think she’s walking to her death not to the man she loves, because she looks as though she can barely breathe and might pass out. Not exactly the expression the bride should have.

And then there is the honeymoon sex scene Bella has been hoping for since the beginning. Both Stewart and Pattinson have said it had to be edited so the film would not be rated-R. Well edit it they did, as it could have been shown in a PG-rated movie and gotten away with it. The rest of the honeymoon is adorable. After the first night, Edward refuses Bella, so she tries her best to seduce him. To see some laughter between them is nice, for they are always so serious when around each other.

However, there is another scene which may be too much for some viewers, as it is extremely graphic and bloody. Though it’s a vital scene, the filmmakers failed to make the animation seem anything better than a school biology project.  Thanks to the help of CGI, Bella looks as though she is just skin and bones; she is barely recognizable though not in a good way.

This film is much funnier than the previous three. Before, there were so many blank stares from the vampires and others, the audience would laugh in spite of themselves. In this one, comedy is actually intended. Bella’s dad Charlie (Billy Burke) in particular makes the general audience forget about Stewart’s terrible acting skills with his fatherly humor.

Lautner also helps add humor to the relatively-serious storyline; his acting abilities have greatly improved since the last film.

“Breaking Dawn: Part 1” is an okay movie; the positives and negatives almost balance out. At times, it is thrilling, however, at other times the viewer may wonder if it will soon be over due to boredom. It ends as well as it begins, if not better; it’s the in-between which needs some additional work. Make sure to stay until all the credits have rolled for it is not done yet.