Mayweather vs McGregor

August 29, 2017

After almost a year of speculation and months of build up, which included heated press conferences, the apocryphal fight finally happened. Fans filled the arena, though two days before there were still 1,500 seats left. Due to heavy traffic, the stream was delayed, which in turn delayed the fight. It finally happened, though. The reported fight of the century. McGregor, a Mixed Martial Arts legend and two division champion vs the undefeated 49-0 Mayweather. The fight started hard and fast, McGregor winning the first three rounds decisively. McGregor, throwing bombs, began to gas out. The fight slowly creeped back into Mayweather’s favor. Bodyshot after bodyshot landed on McGregor, making it harder to breath and causing the Irishman to back up. By round 10, the UFC world champion was hardly standing, not because of damage by Mayweather, but because of total exhaustion. With his back to the ropes, and no attempts to dodge Mayweather’s thunderous right hands, the ref called it off. During the press conferences, McGregor informed the crowd that “…someone’s 0 has to go.” In this case, Mayweather raised himself to 50-0, while McGregor fell to 0-1. Was the fight worth $100 dollars and a half hour blackout? Probably not. Was the fight entertaining? Without a doubt.   


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