Trump Protests

February 27, 2017

“No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” “This is what democracy looks like!” “Make America gay again!” “Make America High again!” “NOT MY PRESIDENT!”

Above are some of the many things I heard while browsing through Snapchat’s live story on the Trump riots. Seeing these riots raging throughout the capital city on the day of Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration stirred some very powerful opinions and discontent inside of me. Seeing these rioters burning cars, smashing windows, and knocking disabled people over to stop people from entering the Inauguration grounds made me realise one thing. These are not Americans. These are people who were all for the peaceful transfer of power when their candidate, Hillary Clinton, supported it, but when their candidate lost, all previous rules were unapplied. Riots have burned our cities since the day Trump was elected, and will continue to go on throughout his 4, no 8 year Presidency.

For the past eight years, Conservatives have been living in a Liberal America, one which has tightly regulated firearms, hiked up taxes, and practiced in “immoral” procedures (to many conservatives, at least). Not once did we ever see a riot by Republicans. Not once did we EVER prevent people from going to Obama’s inauguration. We are defined by patriotism, and we would never, EVER do this kind of thing in the case of a Clinton victory. Granted, we might feel very strongly about another (at least) 4 years of leftist rule over us, but we would never try to impede the Inauguration.

These rioters do not feel that way.

However you might feel about Trump, whether you like him or not, you have to give him a chance and respect the position he is in. Keep an open mind. He is the leader of the free world, and he was fairly elected. If you are saying “But the Russians Hacked the Election,” this is a good thing. Russian relations would actually be worse (in my opinion) if Clinton had been elected. Anyway, back to the point of this article. Our nation has freedoms very few other nations do. We have freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, of press (RAPPS, if you remember 8th grade civics). Freedom of assembly here is important. One might argue that that freedom gives us the power to assemble and protest the government. To that I say… yes. It does. What it does not do is give you the power to riot. To smash cars and windows, to harm disabled people, to shout jeers at cops who arrest people for damaging property, to physically harm Trump supporters, to interrupt a moment in history, to prevent people from attend the inauguration. The last one is incredibly hypocritical, even by leftist standards. You are using the freedom of assembly, TO BLOCK PEOPLE FROM ASSEMBLING.

Cheering “Not my president” and “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA,” would be like me saying “No Clinton, no lying, cheating, murdering, dishonest USA!” It doesn’t have to rhyme. By saying that, leftists would automatically up in arms, since I hated on their candidate. By saying “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA,” you are claiming the United States is a fascist nation by having a Republican in as president. HE IS NOT A FASCIST. NOWHERE NEAR ONE. About the KKK, Trump does not endorse them. Just because they endorsed him doesn’t mean he endorses them back.

On the topic of the Women’s march. As a proud American, I am proud to see people exercising their right to assemble and to protest. The Women’s March is a great example of that. However, there are some points in it that I find lacking in… factual accuracy. This march was really an anti-Trump rally, cleverly disguised as a march for Women’s rights. One of the hallmarks for this protest (not a riot) was LGBT rights. People complain all the time that now since we have a Republican President, he will take away gay marriage. Okay 1: Wrong. He has said before that, quote, “It’s irrelevant because it was already settled. It’s law.” 2: He has no such power to make this decision. The President cannot overturn a Supreme Court ruling.

More recently, with the UC Berkeley riots and “Muslim ban” protests, we really are able to see leftist privilege, and what these people will do to state their opinion. In the case of the Berkeley riots, these people threw a riot outside the hall where MILO was meant to give a speech. (Milo Yiannopoulos is a conservative/alt-right journalist, who also happens to be gay.) The “tolerant” left usually would celebrate a gay speaker coming on to campus, as long as he shares the same opinions. Antifa (Anti-Fascist Organization) threw these riots to celebrate their agenda. With these riots (and doxxing threats against conservative journalists and their children) Antifa has gotten a name for themselves: Anti-everyone who doesn’t share the same opinion as me. After these riots, a petition went up on the White House website to declare Antifa a Domestic Terrorist organization. I am in full support of this.

Protesting the “Muslim ban” is not a bad idea, but the way it is carried out is. 1. It’s not a Muslim ban. 2. By protesting in the middle of airports, you are giving yourself a name, but in a bad way. You people are blocking people from doing their job, or seeing family, or traveling for work to push you’re agenda. The only thing you are doing is insuring an 8 year term for President Trump.

Not my president is absolutely the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. Again, you might not agree with him, but you have to respect the position he is in. Pro-marijuana people chanting “Make America High Again” try to brainwash people with their propaganda of “Weed has no negative health effects, only positive ones,” are 100% WRONG. A quick voyage to the CDC, or NIDA, or any other website about drugs proves that exactly wrong.

Maybe one day, these SJW’s will realise their hypocrisy and change their ways, but until then, they are just giving conservatives something to laugh at.

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