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December 2, 2016

Hi, my name is Michael Harris, and I am the writer of Republican Robinson. This column in Valor Dictus will represent the political opinion of both myself and many other conservatives in Robinson. Every three weeks I will do a Q&A, where people will submit questions and I will answer them. This column will cover current political topics with a conservative viewpoint. Those looking for an article with a politically correct opinion have come to the wrong place.

It is my belief that our nation, and our world as a whole, is breeding a new group of children, one which raises children to refuse the opinions of those that don’t agree with them.  These children are being raised in a world immune to having their opinions challenged, immune to different opinions, and immune to those who aren’t in their local safe space. Our nation is breeding a culture of ignorance with the young of our nation. This needs to stop. Instead of cultivating an entire generation of children that cannot listen to those that challenge their opinion, we need to create a group of kids whose political beliefs can change. Some kids can grow up being a liberal (based on the way their parents raised them) but then turn into a staunch conservative, not unlike myself. Others can grow up in a conservative household and change. Teaching kids liberalism is fine. It allows for an election process that 1. Allows for the smooth transfer of power and 2. Allows for the use of the electoral college. This is a political system that WORKS.  Of course, there will be Neo-Nazis and Neo-Communists that exchange heated debates on Twitter, but in a society with free speech there are bound to be both on either side. People in our nation should have views on either side. Some liberal views (social things like abortion, gun control, immigration, etc.) yet have more conservative views for economics.  HOWEVER, teaching children to shut out opposing ideals and opinions, claiming it as “bullying” does not lead to a peaceful transfer of power (as shown now with the Trump protests). It leads to a crumbling system of government that turns out to be a socialist America.

We Can NOT have that.

Over the course of my weekly column, I will represent this opinion to the best of my ability. Conservatives cannot be drowned out and go unheard in our liberal nation.

I wish you the best,

Michael Harris


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