Prom? No Promblem!

June 20, 2017

For Robinson seniors, the culmination of the fourth quarter is a greatly awaited time period because it brings along with it celebratory festivities for the students’ high school accomplishments.This can be an extremely eventful time period. Along with graduation, the students become busy preparing for other end of the year festivities including all night grad party and prom. For many students, these events are monumental because they mark the end of high school and the final opportunity to participate in an activity that unifies the senior class. Certain underclassmen eagerly wait for the opportunity to become seniors and participate in these activities.

“I am very excited in becoming a senior and looking forward for prom and the all night grad party. They are two of the many milestone events of high school,” said, Shivani Rampuria, 11. Although the majority of students have to wait until senior year to attend prom certain underclassmen manage to attend prom as the dates and close friends of seniors.

“I attended prom with a close senior friend and a couple other juniors. I am happy that I went to prom with her because she has been one of my best friends since 7th grade and it was great to have one last fun party to spend time with her before she goes off to college. Prom was very fun and I am very excited for my for my own prom next year,” said, Alyssa Hodum 11. Although the actual event of prom lasts just for an evening, there are days of preparation that must go into making the evening as special as it can be.

“I was invited to go a week and a half before prom so the weekend before prom I bought my dress and jewelry. Then, a few days before prom, I went and got a manicure and pedicure. The day of prom I started getting my hair and makeup done almost three hours before pictures were scheduled. I would have liked a little more time to get my dress but luckily I found one I loved very quickly and it was on clearance so it was even better,” said Hodum. Once the special day arrives, students spend time getting ready for the fun filled evening ahead. Prior to departing to the actual prom venue, certain groups of couples and friends go to scenic locations to take group photographs to document the start of the special evening.

“My friend chose the Oaks community pool to take her prom pictures. She chose to take them there because it was very close to her house and she also wanted to have pictures standing on the bridge there. The pictures turned out really nice and I think it shows you do not have to somewhere super fancy to get nice prom pictures,” said Hodum. Other popular photo locations include, National Harbor and Washington DC. Certain underclassmen already have a vision of where they would like their photographs to be taken when their time comes for attending prom.  

“I think D.C. would be the perfect location to take prom pictures with my friends. It is a beautiful location to capture the monumental event. I think all the pictures would turn out great because both the location and people look regal,”  said Rampuria.

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