What’s for Lunch?

February 15, 2017

With many students buying lunch from the lunchroom, many students do not know where their food comes from.  This careful process of providing food to schools can often go unknown. FCPS works to provide healthy meals choices throughout the day. The staff at Robinson and other schools within the county serve approximately 142,000 students everyday for breakfast and lunch. At Robinson alone, they serve approximately 1,600 students per day.

FCPS sets a meal schedule for the month using the Energy Zone brand. All food is prepared onsite with everything offered and served in the same day to ensure freshness. The lunchroom staff follows recipes that fit the “All Star Lunch”, a program offering lunch choices from each food group to meet the nutritional needs of students.

“FCPS hopes to add healthier choices, such as fruits and vegetables. This year, Food Services implemented the Fresh Express Salad, which offers a variety of fresh salads every day,” said Robinson’s kitchen manager, Sonia Saucedo. Saucedo said she believes students enjoy the offered lunch choices.

Manager in training, Julia Scholosser, said she wishes the system had more variety. To get input from students, FCPS holds an annual taste testing event, where students can score foods that may be added to the menus. Also, throughout the years, individual schools have been making their own improvements in their cafeterias. For example, in the fall of 2016, Robinson introduced a new deli line and different lines for cultural foods. “I think it is a good idea because it shows diversity and gives a wider variety of food choices,” said junior Max Dennard.

With Michelle Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, there have been changes made to schools throughout the United States. With new regulations, schools must find a way to balance nutrition and taste.

“In general, I think the food is pretty good. FCPS meets all of their standards and try to make sure that people enjoy it. Even picky eaters,” said sophomore, Kyra West of Jeb Stuart High School’s, Student Advisory Council. West attended this year’s taste test. She says she appreciates FCPS wanting student input, but wishes they would open the opportunity to all students.

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