Out with Extra Credit, in with Enrichment

February 13, 2017

In Fall of 2015, Fairfax County introduced the Enrichment Policy. Teachers did not explain it to students in great detail, leaving them with little explanation about the new policy.

Now, students cannot be given extra credit for tasks such as bringing in signatures, attending charitable events, and any other non-curricular activities. Instead, enrichment activities are offered to encourage students to learn more about a topic than the required amount. These activities are counted as separate grades in a class.

“The change stemmed from students being given opportunities that didn’t directly correspond with the current curriculum and it didn’t demonstrate students’ learning capacity,” said associate principal Tracy Phillips.

Fourteen students interviewed said that the “no extra credit” policy should be retracted. Most of them felt they weren’t properly given information on what the new policy is and how it differs to enrichment activities.

“The administrators at the school probably think it’s an unfair advantage,” said sophomore Corinne Burke.

Phillips also said extra credit provided the opportunity for both teachers and students to abuse. Teachers could have tried to use extra credit for tasks such as bringing in a parent’s signature or bumping up students’ grades for little work.


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