New Counselor at Robinson

December 1, 2016

Mrs. Bauer is a new counselor that has many interests like reading, cooking, hiking and spending time with her family in Pennsylvania. First hired as an intern but soon became a counselor here at Robinson.

Mrs. Bauer got her education at Pennsylvania State University for her undergraduate degree. Bauer studied marketing and advertising then worked in marketing at a healthcare firm. After many years of working at a healthcare firm, she decided to go back to school at George Washington University to start working with kids. “I have always loved working with young people,” says Mrs. Bauer, “your teenage high school years can really shape you.”

Some of her goals for this year include getting to know all of her students. Another goal of hers is to let her students know that her door is always open and that they can talk to her about anything.

Pennsylvania native fell in love with college football soon after attending Penn State. Having Nittany Lions be her favorite team she proudly represents the team. Another sport she loves is field hockey. “I’ve played field hockey my whole life, I love field hockey” says Mrs. Bauer.   

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