Robinson Faces Off With Football Rival, Lake Braddock

September 16, 2016

The rivalry between Robinson and Lake Braddock has been going on for decades, and there is no sign of it dying out any time soon. The two teams will be going head to head this Friday at Lake Braddock.

The Robinson-Lake Braddock rivalry is a very big rivalry and this is because both schools find lots of success in football. The schools are also very close, so many players have grown up playing youth football together.

Both teams are going into this game with perfect records of 2-0, but the Rams have not beaten the Bruins since 2014, and they are 2-3 against the Bruins from the last five years. However, the Rams dominate the rivalry with an overall record against the Bruins of 47-22.

“It’s always a big game because they’re always good. The kids know each other, and there’s a passion. From a coaching point of view, we can see where we’re at,” says Head Coach, Scott Vossler.

The Rams are preparing for this game as they would any other, by executing their game plan. The players are getting ready as well for a physically and mentally tough game that they must be ready to play all four quarters for.

“I’ve really liked how we’ve practiced. We’ve been getting better. If we keep it up, then we’ll be a tough team to beat,” says Coach Vossler.

This game is also important because it could have some playoff implications. Though it is just one regular season game, so a loss for either team will not dictate the rest of their season. Regardless, this is still a very important game because of the atmosphere the game provides for the players and the coaches. Also the rivalry just makes it that more exciting.

No matter the outcome of this game, it will still be a very tough and exciting game filled with lots of emotion on both sides of the field.


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