How are Fifth Graders Adjusting to Seventh Grade?

Going from fifth grade, to sixth grade being virtual, and then coming to middle school is a lot for some seventh graders. The first couple weeks of transitioning to Robinson was a little chaotic for most seventh graders. It was hard finding classes and adjusting to a new environment. 

“The first couple of weeks I got lost in the hallways, but now I know where all my classes are,” said Kaitlyn, a seventh grader. 

One seventh grader, Charlotte, said that she really likes it here so far. She enjoys having lots of freedom and not having to walk in lines and follow lots of rules. She also likes getting to sit wherever she wants and seeing/hanging out with her friends again. 

Back when students were in a virtual environment, students could get up five minutes before class if they wanted. Lazing around in pajamas and just being relaxed at home, where it’s cozy. Now with in person school, getting up five minutes before school isn’t going to work out anymore. Most seventh graders, before coming to Robinson, didn’t have to go to school until 8:30, now they have to get to school before 8:00. 

Coming to a new school always brings new opportunities, expectations, and a new you! There are always a lot of expectations when going to new places. Vy Do, a seventh grader, said she expected better food here at Robinson than in her elementary school. She found that it was similar to the food from her elementary school, just a little more variety. Same old milk cartons with corny jokes, rectangular pizza slices and somewhat questionable lunches. 

Nathan Herendeen, seventh grade counselor, said he saw lots of people being helpful and supportive of the new seventh graders. “There were also a lot of teachers who helped seventh graders during their first couple of weeks here at Robinson.” 

Herendeen also pointed out that teachers were going through more procedures, pointing things out to students, focusing more on connection and not just diving straight into academics. 

Overall, seventh graders have adjusted really well, going from fifth grade, to sixth grade online, and coming to Robinson for the first time. “I love being around people, and being at Robinson!” said one seventh grader.