Time Management

As we step further and further into the year, the balance between free time, school, and extracurricular activities will become increasingly more difficult. It’s important to keep in mind as the school year progresses how our organization and time management affects our school work. It is easy to disregard time management and procrastinate, but time management is one of the most important lessons that we will learn as Robinson students. This is a lesson learned the easy way or the hard way throughout our careers at Robinson. In this article, I will highlight some ways to balance time and manage organization.

These are some basic tips or tasks that will help manage time!

Establish Goals, this will allow for your mind to structure a plan and visualize what needs to be done.


Create a daily agenda, planning your day will allow for an easier transition from place to place throughout the day.


Complete the most challenging assignments first, this will eliminate tasks that would otherwise be harder to complete later and ensures completion rather than procrastination.


Eliminate distractions, distractions such as music or a TV playing in the background are shown to limit creativity and completion of work.


Time out basic tasks, timing out your tasks and day will help one visualize what needs to be done and when.


All of us students have experienced procrastination or time management troubles at some point, but a better you is not impossible. Organizing your time and balancing your work is not out of the picture. Setting goals and planning will help one improve time management and organization. So the next time you have an assignment or a project due, keep these tips in mind.