Motivation freezes as temperatures drop

Lazy, an adjective many people choose describe themselves, is becoming a widespread trend among students and the rest of the world alike. Though taking time to relax can be a positive thing when done in moderation, spending hours on the couch each day with Netflix on the TV and buckets of junk food is not the way to get ahead in life.

During the time of year when motivation to better oneself is at its peak following New Years, many still have trouble grasping what has been drilled into their heads since their first peewee soccer practice: If you work hard, you will get better.

For those who are attempting to stick to a workout routine this time of year, the start may have been easy, eat healthier and go to the gym. However, as the days have progressed the cravings became undeniable and it may be getting harder not to eat that entire package of cookies that are sitting in the pantry at home.

Likewise, as second quarter started out strong for many students, it has since become a difficult push to the end of the quarter. As the snow days stacked up, motivation to do homework dropped significantly and many students are pushing to turn in final assignments they’d put off to the end of the quarter.

While nearly everyone may find it difficult to accomplish larger Die Anmeldung bei einem von zahlreichen seriosen Casinos fur spielautomaten online dauert in aller Regel nur wenige Minuten, sodass schon kurze Zeit nach der Entscheidung fur ein Online Casino die Autonmatenspiele kostenlos genutzt werden konnen. tasks or projects in one go, the motivation necessary to complete smaller goals is much easier to come by. Creating checklists of each task that needs to be completed, and breaking down large goals into smaller individual goals for oneself have made it much easier for some to stay motivated throughout the duration of a project.

Many search for motivation through quotes or inspirational stories or websites. These quotes and sites offer immediate boosts to motivation and many times inspire people to accomplish their goals as inspired by the stories of others.

An additional motivational tool is that of discovering why something needs to be accomplished and doing it for oneself rather than for the pleasure of others. According to [I need to find the source again] studies have shown that people are often motivated by the effect the completion or lack there of, of a task will impact how motivated they are to complete said task. Thus, if a student can understand how doing well on a test or project will make their lives better, they will be more highly motivated to ensure they do well.