Three Crazy Adam Sandler movies

Sara Klein, Ben Eisen, and Lou Malmgren, Features Editor, Editorials Editor, Sports Editor

“Happy Gilmore”

Failed hockey player to golfer? Something like that.  Happy Gilmore entered the golf scene with only hockey knowledge under his pads. Gilmore wowed the crowd with his long drives and crazy antics. It is Gilmore’s goal to win as much possible to help his grandmother get her house back after being repossessed by the IRS and upset his opponent, Shooter McGavin, who has a hatred for Gilmore. Along the way, Gilmore also meets the witty and gorgeous Virginia Venit with whom he instantly falls in love. This hilarious comedy will have everybody laughing; it’s a hole in one!

“Eight Crazy Nights”

Eight Crazy Nights is a classic animated film about a man named Davey Stone (Adam Sandler) and his spiritual journey during the hanukkah season. The film centers around his experiences in the small town of Dukesberry, where Stone is arrested and forced to complete community service by refereeing for a youth basketball team. This will lead him on several adventures to rebuild a tragic past and conquer his personal demons, leaving a heartwarming impression by the end.

“Bedtime Stories”

In “Bedtime Stories”, released in 2008 and starring Adam Sandler, Courteney Cox, Keri Russell, and Richard Griffiths (the original Dumbledore), Sandler’s character, a janitor at a luxury hotel, realizes everything that he tells to his niece and nephew at night comes true.  For instance, in one of his stories he talks about candy falling from the sky.  The next day, a truck carrying gumballs crashes on a freeway bridge just as Sandler and the kids are passing under it.

Like most Sandler movies, “Bedtime Stories” relies on zany comedy and corny jokes, both of which get old after a while.  And, in an alarming coincidence, the major conflict of the movie involves the hotel chain building a new high-rise right on the same property as the PUBLIC school that Sandler’s niece and nephew go to.  Overall, Adam Sandler’s movies are just beginning to seem like lullabies.