Jersey Mike’s

We sampled numerous dishes at Jersey Mike’s Subs, located in Courthouse Plaza. This restaurant specializes in fresh Northeast Style Sub Sandwiches. Read on to learn what to order and what to avoid.


Jersey Mike’s Subs is a fast food chain restaurant located in Fairfax City, in Courthouse Plaza. The beach-themed decorations and contemporary background music give the small restaurant an appealing and casual feel. Because of its location in a strip mall close to school, it is a great place to stop a grab lunch or even a quick snack. (2 stars our of 3 stars)


Because Jersey Mike’s is a fast food restaurant, the workers prepare the food right when it is ordered. The line was generally short when the restaurant was visited. Because of this, the food was prepared and ready within minutes. The workers were friendly and patient when asked about the menu. (3 stars out of 3 stars)

Grilled Veggie Wrap $6.95

The grilled veggie wrap is a great alternative to the traditional sandwiches offered at the restaurant. The wrapcontains grilled green peppers and onions, melted swiss and provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and a homestyle ranch dressing. All the ingredients come together to provide a refreshing flavor and a staisfying meal. (3 stars out of 3 stars)

Turkey Breast Sandwich $5.95

The turkey breast and provolone sandwich in the regular size is a good lunch option. Served the ‘Mike’s Way,’ the sub was dressed with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, spices and a red wine vinegar and olive oil blend. The turkey is freshly sliced right before the sub is prepared, but the amount of cheese seemed too much. (2 Stars out of 3 stars)

Tuna Fish Sandwich $4.75

The Jersey Mike’s Tuna Fish sub in the mini size is a solid choice for those craving a classic tuna sandwich. The bread on which it is served is crisp, and the tuna itself is soft yet crunchy due to chopped vegetables. However, it is not something original or unique to the store. (2 stars out of 3 stars)